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Reflections on Film

Photographer and filmmaker Jason Lock has had the unique opportunity to explore every strand of the Covid-19 Reflections programme over the past few months. He has been documenting the artists and the communities involved with Reflections, producing films that record and communicate the projects. Here he shares his trailer for the films and his own reflections on his time making them.

“Knowing that the films we've been able to create will be a lasting legacy to all involved is gratifying"

“A project such as this has a lasting legacy among the communities and individuals involved," says Jason Lock. “Being able to capture this work and create an archivable record is a unique opportunity."

Approaching the project as a short-form documentary film enabled him to tell the story of the artists and individuals involved. However, it was the personality of these individuals that he set out to capture “in the hopes it would resonate will resonate with the viewing audience”.

“As an individual creative practitioner working with people, the restrictions of the pandemic had a detrimental effect on my personal business and the approach to my working life,” Lock says. “However, it did present an opportunity to pause and reflect on the work I have always known and loved. It made me miss it and want to continue in the same direction.”

As he releases the films Lock says the experience has been a real privilege.

“Meeting the artists who are extremely dedicated to the creation and development of unique activities and how best to engage the audience is inspiring,” he says. “Having the opportunity listen to the participants of the workshops has also been a pleasure and I am grateful for their patience whilst we captured and created the short films.

“Knowing that the films we've been able to create will be a lasting legacy to all involved is gratifying and I very much appreciate the opportunity to be part of the overall Reflections project”.

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