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Rural reactions

Updated: May 23, 2023

By Tadhg Devlin

Projects like this are led by the participants, so the first step is finding people willing to share their thoughts and building up those relationships. I wanted to work with rural communities in Cheshire West and Chester to find out how the pandemic affected them socially and in terms of their livelihoods too.

I’m speaking to numerous individuals, and it’s been really interesting to hear the different reactions. Some people have said they quite enjoyed it, others have been devastated, but I am trying to get a record from numerous under-represented voices and the stories they want to share.

The way I work is to speak with the people involved to get some ideas and then develop those ideas. I’m also finding that everyone I speak to puts me in touch with someone else – it’s really gathering momentum and I could go on for another five years!

Here’s one of the photographs so far, a portrait of Jonathan, who runs the ice cream farm in Tattenhall.

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