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What’s happening where?

Here’s a quick run-down of what the space is like in each area.

Grosvenor Park, in Chester (pictured) – here there’s more of a feeling that you’re being embraced by the planting, which starts low and gets higher, and there’s a bench where you can sit and be surrounded by it.

Marbury Park, in Northwich – There’s a natural location there in the centre of the park where you can walk through and absorb it.

Winsford Marina – here we have lots of trees by the water’s edge that you can promenade along to absorb it.

Whitby Park, in Ellesmere Port, and Stanney Fields, in Neston – These both have quite small round spaces that provide an arena with a natural in and out flow with a circle of trees and a circle of white flowers.

Castle Park, in Frodsham – here there’s a lovely space behind a conservatory, close to the children’s play area, so this is also about children understanding what went on.

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