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Why the parks?

It’s really natural for the borough’s parks to provide spaces to reflect.

You often find that you can walk back through history with our parks and we have things like war memorials and other commemorative spaces. But the pandemic is probably the first time in our generation that we’ve all gone through something like this ourselves.

Parks became really important to people during the pandemic so it’s perfect to be able to create these spaces in six of our parks where people can take a moment and think about their experiences.

Each area has got a planting scheme with a white theme, with white plants and flowers like camelia, magnolia, birch and cherry, and they’re all interactive areas that people can use.

There’s not much information out about them yet, but we’ve seen that people have been using the spaces and being quite contemplative. We’ve talked to a few people about the planting too and the feedback we’re getting is that people are thankful for the space.

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